Interior Renovation, Cafe bar, 100 m2
Haikou, China, Fall 2020
Team: Leyuan Li, Yao Wang, Kejia Lu

he project is situated in an old district in Haikou, China. A three-story villa, the building has been renovated into two parts: the ground floor contains the cafe/bar, while the second and third floors accommodate the beauty salon. Slash is a vibrant and bright cafe and bakery during the day, and a whisky bar at night through the immediate switch of lights in conjunction with rearrangements of the furniture. Reciprocally, Slash is naturally tied with Banyue Beauty Salon concerning their programs, as Slash serves as the extended parlor and kitchen for Banyue. Distinguished from the built-in furniture in Banyue, Slash deploys furniture as an operative tool of spatial interventions. For instance, during the day, the liquor cabinet is veiled by translucent panels, through which the dark green arches and liquor bottles are looming in the flickering light. At night, the bartenders will fold up the panels to two sides, the liquor cabinet will be fully unveiled and soon become the center of attention that advances a vibrant ambiance with the iridescent fresco and glittering bottles.