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︎ Current Collaborators

Leyuan Li is a Chinese architect, educator, and researcher whose professional and academic work focuses on interior and urban realms in the articulation of spaces and societies. He has practiced architecture internationally at OMA, SOM, and Affordable Housing Lab, and is the founder of Office for Roundtable, a collaborative practice that explores architectural and interior types in relation to environmental and social issues. Recent built works seek to interrogate the rapidly-changing urban environments in China through the exploration of interior forms, and have been featured in Architecture and Urbanism, and Frame Magazine, among others.

Leyuan currently an Adjunct Faculty at the University of Houston, and will be joining the University of Colorado Denver as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Architecture with an Emphasis on Issues of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. He has held academic appointments at Rice University’s School of Architecture, and has been invited to reviews at Nanjing University, Syracuse University, and Rhode Island School of Design. His research and writing have been published in PLAT, New York Review of Architecture, Paprika!,  and Cite Digital, among other journals. Most recent research about domestic kitchen and balcony spaces will be exhibited at the 9th Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (Shenzhen).

Leyuan studied at the University of Cambridge and Nanjing University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture, before receiving his Master of Architecture with distinction from Rice University.



︎︎︎ leyuanli@officeforroundtable.com
︎︎︎ lli58@central.uh.edu

Ekin Erar is an architect and designer. She has previously lived in Istanbul, Boston, Houston, and Paris, and has worked on projects in Europe and the Americas. Her work has been featured in the Venice and São Paulo Architecture Biennales as well as exhibitions at Rice University and Pratt Institute. Erar's work brings together image construction, material research, and analysis and recreation of assembly processes, through which she explores the relationship between the real and the represented.

She holds a B.A. in Art History/Architecture double major from Wellesley College and an M.Arch. from Rice University.

Taylor Li is an architectural designer and M.ARCH II student at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Her works attempt to address pressing social and climate topics with built forms. During her undergraduate study at Rice University, she received the Margaret Everson-Fossi Traveling Scholarship for her micro-housing proposal in response to extreme heat in Houston, and William Ward Watkin Traveling Fellowship for her research into food security, energy crisis and new mode of agricultural production in New York. She has previously worked at architectural firm Kieran Timberlake in Philadelphia and Meng Architects in Shenzhen.

李昕羽是一名建筑设计师、哈佛设计学院建筑研究生。她的过往项目围绕建筑与社会和气候话题展开,探讨形体和空间本身。在莱斯大学本科就读期间,她的设计课题关注于休斯顿的微型公寓住宅与城市热岛效应,以及纽约的食物供应链安全,能源危机和新型城市农业生产模式。她曾实习工作于美国费城的Kieran Timberlake建筑事务所和深圳的孟建民建筑工作室。

︎ Office

Office for Roundtable involves collectivity and collaboration.

Office for Roundtable is a Houston-based design practice and research group founded in 2018 and led by Leyuan Li. Its projects span a wide spectrum of different types and scales. Intrigued by the intersection between interior and architecture, No-no Atelier seeks to unpack fundamental concepts regarding the relationship between furniture, interior materiality, interior form, and technology. With an emphasis on simple gestures and forms of the interior and its objects, No-no Atelier is motivated to explore interior themes as spatial catalysts that register positive social and cultural meanings.


︎ Past Collaborators

姜山 Shan Jiang | Curator               
黎乐源 Leyuan Li | Architect
卢可佳 Kejia Liu | Architect
王瑶 Yao Wang | Architect